“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”― Bill Mollison



Gaia's is focused on delivering a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction, and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative/self-maintained habitat, and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.  

Let's face it; the current norms for conventional residential/commercial landscaping simply cannot continue to operate forever.  Austin's watershed resources are decimated every time artificial fertilizers/herbicides are used in typical practices.  What we've done is created an excess of landscapes that are greatly dependent on us feeding them inputs, and not producing anything except more work and "trash" when dried leaves, woody material, and other organic material ends up in local landfills.  By starting with water as a design focus, our team at Gaia's can create aesthetic, productive landscapes that will maintain themselves with very little input. Through these practices, clients can become eligible for rebates relating to converting conventional turf grass to a healthy Water Wise Landscape and/or Harvesting Rainwater.

We all can take steps to help drought proof Travis County, and best part is that there are options for just about everybody!