Project options in a permaculture setting are vast, and require a certain level of commitment to establish. GAIA'S is experienced in designing/managing living systems that work best for the both the tenant and the environment. Design approaches vary from client to client depending on individual goals, land context, and desired/existing enterprises. We approach designs with a regenerative mindset and often employ different aspects from techniques such as;

Conservation Terraces/Swales




Starting with an onsite consultation we assess your goals and context, but most of all we observe. By highlighting the major features of the land, we can maximize production through proper water management and vegetation. This is where the design work begins, a clarification of all that can be done and the property and an accurate cost estimate. With GAIA's, you and your property are in great hands.

If you're interested and would like to look into scheduling a consultation, send us an email (please include info regarding land and context), and we will get back with you shortly.