Growing Oyster Mushrooms


For the past couple years, GAIA's has been experimenting with incoporating edible mushrooms into landscapes. We've gad success with all types of Oyster (Pink and Golden are best suited for Austin's climate), and Wine Cap Mushrooms.



Pink Oyster growing underneath a Thai Basil. Oyster Mushrooms have the side benefit of consuming harmful root knot nematodes as they grow, so they are the perfect conpanion for any garden!

Pink Oyster growing underneath a Thai Basil. Oyster Mushrooms have the side benefit of consuming harmful root knot nematodes as they grow, so they are the perfect conpanion for any garden!

Red Ranch Road Project Update

Installed in 2014, this project has established beautifully. The focus here was curb appeal with a permaculture twist. The Herb Spiral serves as a colorful deer resistant focal point, and as a fantastic addition to your culinary routine.

The back is fenced, thus we have much more flexibility in our plantings.  One that stands out is the "Possum Purple" Passionfruit, which has overtaken the entire south facing handrail. It's first year produced 20+ pounds of fruit, and from the looks of it there will be much more where that came from. Out of the 50 or so Passionfruit we've planted at different sites in and around the Austin area,  this one has done the best by far. We are propagating this specimen, both through seed and cutting, with hopes of a instilling cold tolerance into this great plant.

Check with us soon for the latest details.

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Living Pools

Living Swimming Pools have a lot to offer Central Texas, not only do they provide nutrient rich water to nearby gardens but they also provide a much needed spot to cool down, hopefully getting you through another summer of gardening! Gaia's can install anything similar to what is pictured below. If you are interested in learning more about this trending installation, get in touch with us today!

"A Green pool has no chemicals, no chlorine or salt water, only natural. The plants are responsible for keeping the water clean and transparent acting as natural firltro for water purification and keep her completely healthy.
- it's a natural cleaning system to preserve the quality of the water instead of resorting to chemicals.
- it's a mixture of pond and swimming pool, and in addition is enriching for any kind of garden.
- avoid problems of irritation of the skin, mucous membranes and eyes product of the chemicals. The creation of a balanced ecosystem carried out by itself the maintenance of the quality of the water.
- with a natural swimming pool, not only do you have a place to cool off and take a bath, you've also founded an ecosystem in your yard or in your home that houses life, attracts birds and is a way of life
At Present, is increasingly choose the natural pools or on the green by traditional. Its like a pond that's what makes this attractive element, especially for people who like to the natural environment.
Usually the decoration of these pools is made with aquatic plants, which provide the growth of accelerated form of certain micro-organisms that remove bacteria and keep the pool clean. When in the area where you will find the pool rests the sun, the water becomes warm and makes the bathroom feel more pleasant.
For the proper maintenance of a natural swimming pool should be taken into account the climatic conditions of the place, incidences of light and shadow. A Green pool provides beauty, at the same time that generates more natural lull to the place where you are.
A natural swimming pool can be any size, from a small pond to a municipal swimming pool. Although it is not advisable to have fish, you can enter in the first phase, in order to help in the process of regeneration. Can appear frogs, but they are in the area where are the plants (on the perimeter of the glass of the pool), Your presence will be used to control the appearance of larvae and mosquitoes.
Advantages of ecological swimming pools
The Main advantage is the ability to swim in waters that have no chemicals. The cost of a lagoon of this type is similar to that of a normal pool, not like this spending on maintenance, which is lower.
A natural swimming pool just has to fill in a time of water, even if you will need to input to compensate for the volume that is lost due to evaporation, more beset in the summer season, and at least once a year we have to clean his bottom. To be an ecosystem, one does not have full control over him, that's why the water is not clear from the beginning, but this can be achieved by introducing a special filter, and the appropriate amount of plants.
Taking space in the garden, it is possible to adapt an old swimming pool chlorine to a beautiful natural swimming pool, this would lower the height of its walls, do a emptied in a perimeter area, to spread in the new hole tarpaulin for ponds, And placing the plants (reeds, water lilies, etc).
Apart from the benefit to the environment, this type of swimming pools are going to give you an added value to the garden of a house, allowing to imitate nature with a landscape design that in addition to the aquatic plants incorporates rocks, small waterfalls and streams of water. All a natural spectacle for any housing, as it integrates a lot better in the environment.
The operation of a natural swimming pool
The Secret of a natural swimming pool is in the purification of the water the plants, make is a biological regulation, but in its design, it is necessary to make a distinction between the bathing area (with greater depth) and the area in which they find themselves Aquatic plants, only a few inches. In this type of facilities will require knowledge of the relationship between water, Flora, fauna, and therefore it is essential to ensure the emergence of micro-organisms that are necessary to maintain the balance in the water."

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