GAIA's offers a very dynamic approach to Landscaping, with a wide variety of options to consider. Our clients goals serve as the backbone for designs that blend permanent aesthetic abundance, with practical applications to suit the extremes of our climate.


How we work

Our process begins by scheduling an in depth, on-site consultation with a GAIA professional. We'll spend 1-2 hours walking around the landscape, and getting to know your goals for the project. With a good feel for your property and a solid understanding of your vision, we'll proceed to the design process. 

Projects vary greatly, here's what we have to offer;

  • Native Landscaping- Not only are they highly aesthetic, utilizing native species looks good to the environment as well. 
  • Edible Landscaping- Ever wanted to break away from your produce bill and grow food for your family?      We have an in depth knowledge of what works well in our area, along with a nursery of naturalized edible species that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • Drip Irrigation- An investment into drip irrigation can save you money in the long term, both in water usage and in healthy plants with strong root systems.
  • Xeriscaping- When low maintenance and no irrigation is the main goal, this may be the best approach for you. 
  • Masonry, Carpentry or Welding- We have a team of professionals, ready to make any dream landscape into a reality.
  • Enhanced Drainage & Water Management- Our Drainage solutions are ecologically minded, blending seamlessly with the landscape.
  • Ponds & Water Features- Possibly the most aesthetically pleasing feature to have in a landscape, a pond can also be integrated into a design to serve many other functions.