Gaia's is a landscape design/maintenance company that really focuses on utilizing every resource available to us, to help create aesthetic, sustainable, and affordable edible landscapes. We offer everything from simple lawn maintenance (mowing, raking, brush removal, etc) to large scale food forest installation. So take a look into the services we offer and see how each of our services feed back into making Austin an abundant/fertile landscape.


Aquaponic Installation

Aquaponics grows fish and vegetables symbiotically together with virtually no water waste whatsoever.

Food Forest Installation

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

By combining Fruit and Nut trees with perennial herbs or vegetables, you establish productive systems that in time feed each other and will end up needing little to no maintenance at all.

Livestock System Installation

Even if you live in the city properly managed animals can help fertilize the garden and can provide surplus (meat, eggs, etc).sd

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